Anglican Church, Morpeth

Community & Action



Like all parishes there are so many people that make up our community, each of us contributing what we are able to the life of the parish of St. James' Morpeth.

The people that make up our parish cover all generations from babies and children to couples and newly weds, families and retirees. St. James welcomes families with children.

We worship together at the Eucharist and enjoy social times together including morning teas and social events, such as the annual cricket match, dinners, breakfasts and various gatherings and events during the year.

We would like the opportunity to welcome you into our community.

Social Action

The Church has always played a role is the wider dimension of life and has been at the forefront of many vital reforms in society, including the role of women, universal education, the eradication of slavery, amongst others. Some have always wanted to keep the Church out of politics, and many today think the Church should not speak on political issues.

The point is that whilst the Church is not tied to a political party, the Church as needs must speak on many issues which will have a political dimension.

For us the real issue is to ensure that our faith informs these views, which may be political, rather than our politics informing our faith.

Jesus came to proclaim liberty to the captives, healing for the sick, sight for the blind, to to proclaim the time of the Lord's favour.

We are called to share in that work.

Isaiah 61-2

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