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St James is for many the right place to celebrate the life of a loved one. The building has been here for 175 years, and presents many connections and the faith community embraces a continuum of and embracing and affirming faith. One that has room for all.

We work with a number of the local Funeral Directors and they will be familiar with us. You are however more than welcome to contact us directly.

The Church is available for funerals for all, and you will find here support, comfort and a willing home.


FuneralWe value the ministry we have with those who have lost loved ones.

For us the Funeral is a marking spot in time. It gives us a number of opportunities.

To Look Back

Firstly the funeral gives us the opportunity to look back on the life of the person, short or long, and to remember the good times (and the bad), to give thanks for the triumphs we shared, to let go of those things where there has been let down, and to remember the ways in which our lives have been enriched, because for some part of the journey we walked with them.

To Look Forward

Grief is a journey, and at the moment of death and for some little time it seems overwhelming. Over time we work through our sorrow and our loss, and grief takes a better perspective. When you stand next to a tree it may seem very large, but as you move away so you get to see the true shape of the tree. We commit ourselves to a journey of grief and to support one another on the way.

To Look Up

The funeral also gives us the opportunity to look up to God, who created and sustains all our days, not only our origin but also our hope, relying on the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ who is the pioneer and perfecter of our faith.

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